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Beet and Chevre Canapes

I developed this a few years ago for a  Valentines dinner I was hosting, mostly  because I love the color of beets, and wanted  to incorporate them into the menu. The flavor and  texture pairing, though, has made it one of  the favorites among my small appetizer  recipes. Crisp, creamy, tangy, earthy, with a  little bit of fresh herb and spice - it is quite  the journey.   I like to use small cookie cutters to  get different small shapes.     


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● 1 large beet, roasted and slice thin, cut  into 1” pieces  

● 5 oz goat cheese 

● Heavy cream or water (to thin the cheese  while whipping) 

● ≅ ¼ Cup cherry jalapeño jelly  

● 24 small fresh mint leaves 

● 24 round whole grain crackers


In a medium bowl, whip the goat  cheese on medium speed, drizzling in the  heavy cream or water until the cheese is  smooth and creamy. Fit a pastry bag with a  medium star tip, and fill the bag with the  cheese.  

Pipe a ring of goat cheese onto each  cracker (leave enough of an edge so that the  cracker can easily be picked up), and arrange  on a serving plate. In the center of each ring,  place a small dollop of cherry jalapeño jelly,  with one mint leaf placed jauntily over the  edge of the ring. Place one slice of beet,  covering the jelly, but still revealing the mint  leaf (the red against the bright green of the  mint is eye catching).  

Arrange the prepared canapes on a serving platter and serve immediately.

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