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  • Chef Anthony DeNovellis

Date and Coconut Spread

One of my weaknesses has always been buttered toast - the rich creaminess, melting into each nook and cranny of toasted multi-grain bread is something I used to crave, and would sometimes eat several slices of toast at a sitting.

Since changing to a plant-based lifestyle, I have given up eating butter, so I had to find an alternative to to accompany my toast in the mornings. Peanut butter was too powerful and sticky (though a delicious and nutritious alternative), so I created this creamy, sweet recipe. It has worked perfectly for me!

Date and Coconut Spread

1 Can coconut milk

1/2 cup chopped dates

In a good blender, combine the coconut milk and dates, and puree until smooth.

Store in a squeeze bottle, or tupperware. It will thicken enough to scoop and spread like cream cheese, or you can use it from a squeeze bottle if you allow it to warm slightly.

Refrigerate when not in use.

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