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Zucchini Ribbons with Burst Tomatoes

Zucchini is one vegetable that is often  mistreated - steamed, roasted, boiled, or  stewed to within an inch of its life, usually  leaving it soggy, slimy, limp, and just sad. I was once told that the word "squash" is  from a Native American language, and means  "eaten raw". Whether that is true or not, I  decided to try eating zucchini without  cooking it - and I am so grateful that I did!  Fresh, firm, and flavorful, when prepared  properly, raw zucchini offers a new  replacement for pastas in many of my meals.    

This recipe pairs raw zucchini ribbons (tips in  the recipe) with one of my favorite tomato  treatments - Burst Cherry tomatoes. 


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  • 2 cups cherry tomatoes 

  • 2 Tbsp olive oil 

  • 1 tsp kosher salt 

  • 1 zucchini 


In a large skillet over medium-high heat, toss  together the tomatoes, oil and salt. Cook,  tossing regularly, until the tomatoes split,  then reduce the heat to medium and put a  cover on the pan. Cook until the tomatoes  have released a good amount of juice, and  remove the lid. Continue to cook until the  tomatoes have mostly cooked down and the  juices have thickened.   

While the tomatoes cook, use a Spiralizer, or  "Vegetti", to cut the zucchini into ribbons. If  you do not have a spiralizer, cut the zucchini  in half, length-wise, and use a vegetable  peeler to shave long ribbons of zucchini.  Place into a serving bowl or plate.    

Pour the hot tomatoes over the zucchini and  serve immediately

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