• Anthony DeNovellis

Autumn Persimmon

When it comes to pairing vivid colors with  outstanding flavor, few of my recipes  compare to this simple autumn dish. Ripe,  flavorful persimmons being available only  once a year makes it even more special and  unique.  

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● 2 firm, ripe persimmons, peeled 

● ½ cup plain hummus 

● 2 Tbsp chopped fresh mint (or small  whole leaves) 

● ¼ cup pomegranate arils 


On a serving plate, arrange the  slices of persimmon, slightly overlapping  the slices, with a dollop of hummus in the  center of each slice (persimmon,  hummus, Persimmon, hummus,  Persimmon, etc). When the slices are all  arranged, sprinkle with the mint and  pomegranate arils. 

Tips: This recipe is simple, and lends itself to  adjustment and experimentation. Instead of  mint, try basil or thyme. Instead of  pomegranate, use homemade cranberry  sauce or currants. Play around and find your  own favorite flavor combinations.  

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